Dear George

Dear George

ISBN: 978-0749395452

Eleven stories which explore ideas of independence, solitude, marriage, sex and babies.  Here are tales of young love, from a monologue designed to seduce to the title story where a schoolgirl’s erotic daydreams during Shakespeare homework produce eventual blushes of horror.

Heinemann, 1995; Minerva, 1996; Marsilio, 1997; Vintage, 2001


Dear George
Let Nothing You Dismay
The Gourmet
Bed and Breakfast
When in Rome
To Her Unready Boyfriend
Last Orders
Heavy Weather
The Immaculate Bridegroom
Caput Apri
Creative Writing


“There was a bowl of potpourri at his elbow, snuff-coloured rose petals, parched and faded; he grabbed a nervous handful, imagining them to be some sort of posh crisps, and thrust it into his mouth.  

Everyone stared, transfixed, as Colin chewed. Susan said, ‘Can I have one?’

Miranda came into the room, and her eyes met his. He gave an heroic swallow and gasped her name. They smiled at each other uncontrollably.”

From Let Nothing You Dismay


“They found themselves corralled into a cement area at the back of the Smuggler’s Arms, a separate space where young family pariahs like themselves could bicker over fish fingers.  Waiting at the bar, Jonathan observed the comfortable tables inside, with their noisy laughing groups of the energetic elderly tucking into plates of gammon and plaice and profiteroles.

‘Just look at them,’ said the crumpled man beside him, who was paying for a tray load of Fanta and baked beans. ‘Skipped the war.  Nil unemployment, home in time for tea.’ He took a great gulp of lager.  ‘Left us to scream in our prams, screwed us up good and proper.  When our kids come along, what happens?  You don’t see the grandparents for dust, that’s what happens.  They’re all off out enjoying themselves, kicking the prams out the way with their Hush Puppies, spending the money like there’s no tomorrow.’”

From Heavy Weather

"They sat side by side not holding hands.  Back on the platform and in the ticket office, people had turned to stare at them.  It was visible, the intensity of their candle power, joined, no matter how they tried to bank it down and look everydayish.

Proud and shy out in the public air, they avoided the larky or lovey-dovey behaviour common to their age group.  It was enough to allow themselves to glance at each other now and then, glances arrowing beams of sheepish delight."

From Bed and Breakfast


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