Helen SimpsonHelen Simpson

Helen Simpson has written six collections of short stories

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Four Bare Legs in a Bed & other stories
(Heinemann, 1990; Minerva, 1991; Goldmann Verlag, 1991; Harmony Books/New York, 1992; Denoel, 1992; Marsilio, 1995; Vintage, 1998)

Flesh and Grass
(Pandora Press, 1990; Goldmann Verlag, 1991; Denoel, 1992), with Ruth Rendell's The Strawberry Tree, the first volume in a series of suspense novellas published under the general title Unguarded Hours

Dear George & other stories
(Heinemann, 1995; Minerva, 1996; Marsilio, 1997; Vintage, 2001)

Hey Yeah Right Get a Life
(Jonathan Cape, 2000; Vintage, 2001; Knopf, 2001-renamed, Getting a Life; Emece of Buenos Ares, 2003; Miskal of Tel Aviv, 2009; Kein & Aber of Zurich, 2010)

(Jonathan Cape, 2005; Vintage, 2006; Knopf, 2007- renamed, In the Driver's Seat; Christian Bourgois, 2008)

In-Flight Entertainment
(Jonathan Cape, 2010; Vintage, 2011; Knopf, 2012)

A Bunch of Fives: Selected Stories, with an introduction by the author
(Vintage Classics, 2012)

(Jonathan Cape, 2015: Vintage, 2016; Knopf, 2017; Kein & Aber, 2018)

Four Bare Legs in a Bed Getting a Life In The Driver's Seat In Flight Entertainment A Bunch of Fives Four Bare Legs in a Bed



Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year 1991
Somerset Maugham Award 1991
One of Granta's twenty Best of Young British Novelists (1993 campaign)
The Hawthornden Prize 2001
E.M.Forster Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters 2002
PEN/O.Henry Prize for "Diary of an Interesting Year" 2011
Helen Simpson is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.


Libretto for Kate and Mike Westbrook's jazz opera Good Friday, 1663; Jazzprint CD, 2001
Lyrics for Kate and Mike Westbrook's jazz suite Bar Utopia; ASC CD, 1996
Introduction to A Haunted House: The Complete Shorter Fiction by Virginia Woolf (Vintage Classics, 2003)
Introduction to The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter (Vintage Classics, 2006)
Interviews with Helen Simpson: www.theguardian.com/books/helen-simpson; The Paris Review Daily (28/02/12); www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/hay-festival